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The Trading and Mind Work My trading philosophy and services are directed towards dedicated beginner and experienced traders with enquiring minds, who are willing to use a holistic approach to understand themselves in the trading markets. Your trading behaviour mirrors your behaviour in life, you will need to work as hard on yourself as you do your trading.
Simplicity One of my main objectives is to show people a simple method to trade with a high probability of success. You don’t need complicated day or end of day trading systems to make good money from the market. Often, Less is More.
Medium Term Trading I focus on weekly trading using medium-term systems which allow you to trade with less stress and therefore clarity of mind. For most people, short-term trading is not sustainable: mentally, emotionally or financially.
The Method You buy a stock and hold it until it continues to rise.Once it stops rising and goes sideways for a period of time, or starts to fall, you sell it and re-employ that money into another stock that is rising. This method done correctly and not too often far outperforms the standard method of buy and hold, and most short term systems.”


Do you ask…Where do I start…or… why is it so hard to trade?

You are probably attempting to trade too often, and too short term!

The methodology of trading is easy, we make it harder than it has to be.

Life is about balance, so is trading.

Learn to create a simple, low risk method by employing the principle.

Less is more.


     What others are saying

I'm still running my version of your system, which (thank you) is starting to pay dividends.

So, thanks again for the guidance and moral support over the last few months. The psychology is still 80% of this game.


Phil NSW


You spoke to the Melbourne ATAA last year – a presentation that I found very interesting.



I have been a long term buy and hold investor for 10-15 years but after the GFC have been looking more seriously at trading. Have attended a few Gann style trading courses and subscribed to ###(deleted for privacy) newsletters as a starter. Your approach seems to make a lot of sense.

Paul NSW

Thanks for getting back to me Peter. I spent today going over your website and e-book. I found it really interesting and I connected with your no bullshit way of writing. I have grown disheartened over the years with how many 'great traders' are actually great sales men and bull shit artists.

Brad S.A.


hi Peter, 

Thanks for your responses, much appreciated to be reminded that opinions are just that. Also, in regards to your last comment it occurred to me that sticking to the system requires not only discipline but also trust. I need to be giving the latter more reflection. 

Its comforting to hear that others are anxious about the recent performance of their portfolio.

All the best, 

Christina VIC


Hi Peter,
Thank you for replying. The system I am currently using, only for a short time is very like the system mentioned on your website ,I have spent many years not succeeding in the market and needed a simple system while battling by own mental demons.

David. Sydney.


Peter, your messages are much appreciated- and I still am using your system.


Vernon. A.C.T.



I have done some testing over the weekend (long weekend in Perth) and I am very impressed with your fundamental scan criteria. The most telling sign for me though was that about 90% of my winning trades from the last 12 months has come out of your criteria: Overall I think your scan criteria is awesome and I cannot fault it. You have also convinced me to not touch another stock that does not meet the above criteria. I am now cured.

 Cheers , Jim. W.A


. Hi Peter. We met in Adelaide. I have to say how much I enjoyed the simplicity of your system and that I am using it more and more.

Thank you. Larissa S.A.


"Good value, no nonsense."

Dennis, (past course attendee) Caves Beach NSW"